Who can buy?

The recipient of the purchase must be older than 18 years old, with valid CUIT and tax code Level 3 or higher.

Shipping weight?

The shipment can not weigh more than 50 Kgs. and each unit within the shipment can not exceed 20 Kgs.

How many purchases?

You can receive up to 5 shipments from the outside and each can not exceed $ 1000 in purchases (customs taxes and shipping costs do not count).

For every international purchase you make abroad, when you receive it you must declare it before the AFIP.This enables you to receive a new purchase.If you have not declared the previous purchases, the new shipment will be retained in the Customs Argentina.


The decree that enables door-to-door shipments in Argentina is intended for final consumers for personal, non-commercial use.

In addition, the products must comply with the restrictions established by the Argentine government.

For these reasons, you can not receive more than 3 units of the same product in the same shipment, or that belong to the same family or category.

For example, the same shipment can not contain 4 pairs of sneakers.

Below are some types of products that are not admitted by the Argentine customs.

Guide of banned products

- Food of any kind, alcoholic beverages, of Chinese origin.

- Live or dead animals, human remains, untreated skins, natural plants.

- Firearms or their components, knives, knives, ammunition.

- Used items or products.

- Any item or products that may cause human harm.

- Leather of exotic or endangered animals.

- Cellular device: Samsung Galaxy Note 7.

- Drugs, cigarettes, cigarettes, even electronics.

- Explosives, toxic products, corrosives, oxidants, matches.

- Compressed gases, flammable items, spray paint, tear gas, hair spray, deodorants under the same presentation.

- Dry ice.

- Jewelry, valuables: (art objects, precious stones), money.

- Liquids and powders in general (except for perfumes, no more than 3 can be included in the same order)

- Counterfeit material, piracy.

- Biological samples, laboratory material.

- Electric skateboards

- Type A batteries